MARK SCHENKER (illusion worker) narrated A Knightmare to Remember and came into his own as Parkins the Butler in Séance at Midnight. Mark was the dry-ice wrangler for The Medium and the Message and has been a staple of our outdoor crowd-control team for many years. He is also the father of two of our actors—David Kornblith (Arthur) in A Knightmare to Remember and Molly Schenker, this year’s narrator and Krakkit the House-Elf in Hogwarts for Sale!


MARK R. SELLERS (special effects sculptor) is a pilot and occasional lawyer who lives and works in the Awbury Arboretum.


MOLLY E. SCHENKER (Narrator) previously appeared as Krakkit the House-Elf in Hogwarts for Sale! She is a writing major at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts.


JOHN SIEMIAROWSKI (associate producer, head carpenter, head electrician) has been an indispensable part of our productions ever since he assisted with set design, construction, lighting, and special effects for Séance at Midnight. As Master of Electrical Wizardry, he has rarely heard a wild idea of Jay's that he hasn't been able to bring to life. His daughter, Leah, was a child ghost in Séance at Midnight and a damsel in distress in The Curse of Anubis. His son, Jake, made a cameo appearance in Hogwarts for Sale!


BECCA STALLINGS (scriptwriter, attendance-taker) joined the crew in 1998 as a prop-painting assistant and attendance taker. In 1999, forSide-Show Spectacular, she served as head plastering assistant, off-set Rat Boy wrangler, and attendance taker. She was one of the scriptwriters for Hogwarts for Sale! as well as an elf makeup artist. For 3001: The Shadow Planet, in true show-business tradition, she stepped into the role of narrator at the last minute to replace an ailing cast member.


EMILY STEINBERG (set decoration) helped design and paint last year’s set for The Alchemist’s Elixir. An artist in her own right, Emily’s art props contributed authenticity to this year’s “artist’s studio.”


RIVKAH WALTON (set construction, crowd control) also created the elegant shoes for the Queen in last year’s show.




Stephen Collins

Jon Comer

Sharon Ross

Jake Siemiarowski

Lin Zhu




Elayne Bender and Herschel Rubin